the luxury of clothes well-bought


Time is precious. You want to use it wisely ... to buy smart, not buy more. So a successful shopping trip begins with a closet audit. What do you have? What do you need? And who do your trust to help? The woman in the next dressing room? The associate with a quota? Your best friend with a completely different job and style personality?

Armed with taste, grounded in your style and needs, committed to your dreams, I nudge you towards your aspirations while keeping your feet firmly planted in "you." No more frocks that work for your friends but not for you, in colors that say "fashionista" rather than flattering, that will be out of style before the credit card bill is paid.

Experience the luxury of clothes well-bought, styles that last and the confidence of looking fabulous.

Let's shop.

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Personal and Corporate Branding through Clothes and Nonverbal Communication