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No matter how much you think you know about clothes, Beryl will show you new things that will leave you longing for just one more minute with her!
strategic planner, advertising

Now I understand how to dress strategically – it’s not about ‘looking good;’ it’s about getting and achieving what you want.
advertising agency executive

I liked the relaxed, interactive style between the participants and the instructor, as well as among the audience.

Insightful, intelligent and completely relevant to everyone in the room.

Color was a fashion issue before – now I actually think about it in terms of power and presentation.

Informative & well delivered. Made me want to learn more.

This was wonderful. I liked your energy! The handouts & insights! Your passion for the topic. I can choose a color based on the image I want to give off – or be perceived as. I never realized that you should dress more for the job rather than for your personal style. Thank you! Great presentation!

I have a better understanding of what clothes say about me at an office.

There’s a lot I never thought of for the corporate world. I enjoyed your presentation very much and there is a lot that I will be looking at from now on. 



It's so much fun getting dressed in the morning. I make better outfits because I can SEE everything now and I love being in my closet. It's also started other things moving in my life. I finally went out and chose the fixtures for my bathroom re-decoration. You've started me simplifying in all areas of my life.

I’m so happy. It makes such a big difference. I put things back neatly in my closet now. I love the order. I feel differently, more enlivened. It is such a phenomenal concept; people don’t know.
sales consultant

You gave me much more freedom to experiment with different combinations of clothes that I never had thought of. You gave me permission and showed me how.
high school teacher

I always feel like I’m calling a friend.
personal shopping client

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