a dynamic speaking style with counterintuitive insights


Packed with powerful insights from her research on the impact of clothes on professional success, Beryl Wing's presentations captivate and motivate her audiences.

The Silent Language of Clothes @ Work: Everyone knows that clothes talk, but what are they saying and how do they do it. This innovative, instructive presentation details the hidden messages encoded in the colors, shapes and textures you wear and tells you which ones will be effective in your job.

What Men Know About Clothes That Women Don't: An innovative look at clothes - and fashion - from the perspective of communication. It is Blink for clothes and Dress for Success updated for the 21st century.

Culture Check: Much like Monk, Psych or Brenda Lee Johnson (The Closer), Beryl Wing "sees" culture clues in offices that others miss. Join her for an engaging, intriguing and eye-opening look at what is right - or might be wrong - in your corporate culture. Understanding corporate culture provides wiifm? (what's in it for me?) - the key link in buy-in to the appropriate dress code. And can make your whole operation function more efficiently and effectively.


Beryl Wing - The Image Authority

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Personal and Corporate Branding through Clothes and Nonverbal Communication