a perk that pays
Dress appropriately. Everyone says it. But what does that mean? Suits or separates? Skirt or pants? Prints or solids? The choices are daunting. And the road maps are few.
Give your employees the tools, the rules. They will thank you for it. And the increased productivity and clear branding will help your company as well.
Our Clothes @ Work Corporate Programs simplify the work landscape. They identify the four distinct work cultures, clarify where your company fits, and detail the elements of dress expected of the successful in each.
This is a perk that pays. Within the context of a clothing workshop, there lies the opportunity to internally brand your company and create a strong link between your employees and their jobs. The sessions are full of concrete, usable solutions that can be taken to the closet the next morning. And our emphasis on wiifm – “what’s in it for me?” – is key to buy-in. 
We don't just train, we motivate your workforce. 

Image Seminars & Workshops: 

  • The Silent Language of Clothes @ Work: Viewing clothes through the lens of communication, we identify the colors, shapes and fabrics that project professionalism symbolically - department by department, position by position.
  • The Selling Power of Clothes: Entrepreneurs and those in sales continually navigate multiple work environments. We analyze the cultures your sales force encounters and map the components of clothing that build rapport within the first crucial seconds of every transaction.
  • Casual Presence: Arm your employees with standards by which to separate the proper from the inappropriate in business casual. We also spell out the factors that add authority to the lack of power inherent in casual garments.
  • One-on-One: The Effective Image: Do you have a promising employee who is faltering? In individual consultation, we combine non-threatening self assessment with job and company culture analysis to develop a strong clothes strategy to support your superstars.

Call us to schedule an appointment to determine the best content for you. Our programs can be custom-designed to meet your objectives.

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Personal and Corporate Branding through Clothes and Nonverbal Communication