the confidence of a clothes strategy

You want to look good. You want success. Where do you start? How do you get there?

With an image strategy.
An image strategy is part communication psychology, part corporate culture analysis and part style, and conveys your personal and professional brand clearly creating the confidence that breeds success. Whether you're dressing for your job, your life or taking your company to the next level, we can help.

Signature Style Personal Image Consulting

We go beyond what's in style making sure it suits
you. We explore your goals and work culture and craft a wardrobe that elicits assurance, gets you noticed, gets you where you want to go.

A clothes strategy that's stylish, attractive, effective.

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Beryl Wing
Image Strategist
Corporate Culture Profiler

Clothes @ Work Corporate Programs
Is your visual brand clear? Is your company's culture cohesive? Is everyone mired in casual whether it serves your business of not? Does anyone know how to dress anymore?
Your company needs an image strategy, one that not only elicits buy-in, but that motivates.

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Personal and Corporate Branding through Clothes and Nonverbal Communication